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Curtis Braly’s ReMix For Song You Can Drink A Beer To

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Curtis Braly's ReMix For Song You Can Drink A Beer Too

EXCLUSIVE: Curtis Braly’s ReMix For Song You Can Drink A Beer To! Reminds Fans Of Summer Time Fun!

Curtis Braly Reveals Decisions Behind Song You Can Drink A Beer To Remix

Nashville — Country music artist Curtis Braly is reminding everyone that summer days should be filled with lake trips, late night bonfires with good friends, cold beers, and country music. With that reminder comes preparation for summertime adventures, and of course music anthems. In this case, it’s a remix of a country song. “Song You Can Drink A Beer To (REMIX)”  is one of those remixed songs you will be singing along to all summer. The new dance mix will be available exclusively to Spotify this Friday, June 29  before being offered on all other music platforms on July 6th.

The re-imagined single titled “Song You Can Drink A Beer To (REMIX),”  reminds listeners it is just that. A country song, that makes you slow down, relax, and crack open a cold beer.  It makes your mouth dry and it makes you want more. The most important part is that it’s all in the name of summertime fun.

As an independent artist, Curtis Braly explains that he has always wanted to create a dance mix from one of his songs and that he had always wanted to do a summertime anthem.  His creativity is no surprise, as Braly is known for his unique interviews with media. 

His music career, which spans over a decade, includes multiple albums and music videos. Shockingly, this is the first remix and music video that was shot on the lake. “I’m always challenging myself, and I thought this song would be appropriate,” Braly tells Big Music News in an exclusive interview. “I hope my fans enjoy it, and I hope that others who might have never heard my music like it too.”

Braly’s management team brought in sought after music video director Amir Valinia to create visuals and direct the video. Shooting for the video took place on Percy Priest lake outside Nashville. “During the summer, on the lake, most people are enjoying a cold beer,” Braly explains. “The two things that popped into my head first [when considering locations] were partying on a boat and partying around a bonfire…so I wanted to incorporate both of those into the video.” Incorporate is what his team did.

The houseboat, a beautiful 80-foot beast that featured a second story deck was the base for the lake video shoot. The mega boat boasted 2 formal staterooms and plenty of ice-cold beers for the star, cast, and crew. The beautiful southern Tennessee summer day allowed for the all-day shoot, with a minor delay as a storm moved across the man-made lake.

The intense work of producing a music video is not a glamorous process, as Braly reminds us. “As an artist on location in the South during the heat of the day, you learn very quickly about the heat. With the sun beating down, and the multiple takes needed to capture the moment by the Director, this kind of shoot would wear anyone down. It’s hot as hell, lip-syncing the song a billion times over, so the director can get the perfect cut,” Braly says laughing.  The video features the boat anchored at Party Cove with dozens of people enjoying a day on the lake and dancing atop the mega floating party pad. Behind the turntables is MTV’s The Real World’s Davis Mallory. Dozens of extras were brought via jet skis to the anchored boat to join the fun. Dozens of boats and partygoers enjoyed the sight of the filming.

“The extras in the video were amazing,” Braly raved. Braly did an open call to fans, inviting them to be apart of the video shoots. “The people I met gave me the energy to keep going,” Braly recalls of the schedule, that included a late-night bonfire scene shot at an undisclosed location off the Cumberland River. Two Rivers Ford also jumped in to assist the video production by providing a 2018 Ford Mustang to be used in the video.

“I want everyone to add this song to their playlist, jump in their car and start jamming. I want them to let the music take them somewhere. I hope this song lets them follow the sun this summer.”


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